Turners Tornadoes

Guest coach Rich Turner travelled to the Woodies 7’s in Derby with the Cinderford Rfc under 18 girls. To play against Wellington and Littlebourough in the X7s tournament with two days of games the girls were well up for some end of season rampage winning all games and the final by high margins.  The girls we’re given high praise by opposition and spectators on their quality of play.

Scores on the day against Wellington were 63-14 and 86-19.  Against Littlebourough 73-0, 68-14 and 73-10

To take the trophy overall winners.  The girls playing in an outstanding style and performance.

Try’s coming through
Elle Jay-Browning 18
Niamh Brennan 10
Millie Purser 6
Cary’s lowely 6
Haidee Field 4
Ruby Purser 3
Jenna Skidmore 2
Hollee Hayward 1
Megan Butler 1
Daisy Turner 1

A great weekend outing girls well played all 🏉💕