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‘A perfect day for rugby” was how we were greeted by the coach at Bream, and it was, bright – dry but a little cold (more than was thought it would be!) It was a great turn out in numbers for the ever growing group of boys in the under 9s. A new face in Calum, from St Johns on the Hill, was warmly received by the team. Warm up done and last minute “Geeing – up” by Neil and Seb, and the boys started the first of two matches.

Match 1
Unfortunately Bream were down on numbers from the past few weeks so the game started with 8 a side instead of 9,leaving Matty, Ben, Luke and Calum on the bench for the first half. The game started slowly with a lot of clean play by both teams but neither wanting to compete at the tackle, leaving the ball to change possession a number of times between both teams. It was good to see no knock-ons during this initial play from either side. A very close matched situation in the early stages was only broken after a couple of good tackles from Cinderford.  Bradley tackled hard, carried well and took some knocks – that he brushed off like a pro. The second half saw Calum make his debut for Cinderford, with Luke also move from the Bench.  Ben also got on to the pitch for the end of the match. Some great carries by Cinderford were countered by a set of good tackles and ball rips by Bream, with all but one of the scores coming in the second half.  Scorers were Tom, George, Louie and two by Lewis B – who has found his pace in conjunction with the right angle to run off of passes from George at number 10.

Final Score: Bream 0 Cinderford 5
Man of the match: Lewis B

Match 2
After the first Match Bream lost another player, so instead of playing 7 aside Cinderford asked for volunteers from their players to help Bream out.  When asked Ben volunteered to play for Bream, even after Louie and George said they would not go easy on him if he had the ball – so we could play 8 aside again.  The match started off quickly with Cinderford working the ball through their backs hands and breaching the Bream try line. In all Cinderford scored on 7 occasions. Lewis G went looking for the ball and found a number of bream players with it that he brought down to ground with ease. George brought down a couple of break away runs from Bream, they were good at steeling the ball from the mauls that were formed. Bream were more direct in their running in this second game which saw Ben carrying the ball a number of times forward and integrating well into their team. One of these breakaway runs resulted in Bream scoring their only try of the day.

Tom and Oliver were workman like in their play today, more direct and more eager to clear the ruck when they formed. Lewis E had a great game at hooker, using his speed at times to also break through breams defence. The final play of the game saw Louie make another break, right up to the bream line.  He was being held up until his team arrived when he was pushed over, with George and Louie holding the ball at the critical time so both awarded that final act of play.

All-in-all Cinderford played well today, every man (even if it was for the opposition for one of them!). As the games have progressed there seems to be more time for the boys to play their rugby including a surprising 9-10 loop move form Louie (Bundy) and George (Geffer) off of a line out – that resulted in a hefty gain in ground.

Try scorers: George and Louie scored 3 each (one dual award) and Lewis B scored 2.

Final Score: Bream 1 Cinderford 7
Man of the Match: Bradley

Bream awarded Louie (Bundy) with the man of the day for his breaks at 9 and the high tackle rate.

Well done to all the boys and a big thank you to all involved in helping the 9s move forward – be it on the game day or at training.

It is a pleasure to be part of team with such a friendly and positive bunch of kids and parents.

Malc H
Manager CRFC Under 9s