Cinderford RFC wish to formally remind all spectators, members and guests of their responsibility to the game when watching matches at Dockham Road. We call our Match Officials “Sir” for a reason and it is something that makes our game what it is in comparison to other sports. A core value of the Rugby Football Union is respect. This fundamental value means we provide a welcoming, family orientated environment so that any person in our society can come and enjoy a game at Dockham Road. Our Club has been able to do this for many years and we want this to continue for seasons to come. Saturday has seen a number of members receive letters about their direct behaviour to the Match Officials. Such behaviour is not acceptable and the Club wishes to state that a 100% zero tolerance approach on this matter will now be taken. 



Nic Corrigan Director of Professional Rugby & Coaching “Whilst it is a tense league and decisions will be made that may not be the ones we like, Match Officials are a vital part of our game. We would not have a game without their efforts. They do not set out to make errors or with any bias towards one team or another. They are human and need to be shown the Forest welcome that we are known for across the country.


Performances, just like those of our players are reviewed in conjunction with RFU staff post game, they are constantly open to feedback and work to develop the game as well. We must as a Club, myself included, aim at all times to uphold the values Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship as best possible regardless of how events on the pitch unfold. All coaches, players and spectators need to understand that our reputation is at stake and that we are all shareholders in this matter. 


Finally, I must publicly note my thanks to the RFU Discipline and Match Officials department for their continuing dialogue and trust we can over the course of this remaining season prove that we are prepared to uphold the values of the game in line with the spirit of Rugby Union.”