Nic Corrigan Signs as Director of Professional Rugby & Coaching with ‘The Foresters’ until April 2017

– Strategy to engage and build a value-based approach begins for the Forest of Dean team

 Two season contract will allow redevelopment of playing squad and ensure delivery of a player-centered environment.
 Creation and development of a Club Strategic Plan; a key indicator for Corrigan to develop and shape the next five years for Cinderford RFC.
 Partnerships to attract players with both local education providers and businesses to ensure Cinderford RFC is connecting to wider audiences and the local community.
 Revised rugby budget to include establishment of recruitment cycle as well as allowing current players the opportunity to stake claim for club contracts in current season by ensuring National 1 status.
 Developing coaches as well as players to allow Board selection of 1st XV Head Coach for season 2017-2018.

Cinderford RFC today announced the signing of a two-year contract with Nic Corrigan. Corrigan will remain in charge of the Foresters on a deal that will see his role work with not only the 1st XV team but also on the strategic direction of the club, shaping a plan to ensure National League rugby status within the next 2 years. Reporting directly to the Management Board Corrigan will deliver their vision, ensuring a ‘fit for purpose’ and sufficient player pipeline is established as well as a new brand of rugby for the Foresters connecting them back to the local community. The Board recognises that the engagement and development of young people within this vision is paramount. 
Recent success and climbing positively through the league structure has seen changes within the playing department and the club has taken time to reflect and address the challenges that it faces.

As a result the main objective is to ensure that the club will continue to be focused on its local community roots, whilst ensuring top-level rugby competition remains at Cinderford. The club has also pledged to support a transparent approach with the first Supporters Forum Meeting being held on Wednesday 11th February 2015 at Beavis Memorial Ground. All members are welcome and the Management Board will present the opportunities moving forward to engage and outline volunteer opportunities to ensure the direction of travel is owned by the club.

Following a strategic review, the club will begin to focus its energy on the 15/16 season by announcing player re-signings as well as outline the backroom staff that will continue to support the 1st XV. The 1st XV structure will focus on recruitment of a specialist attack coach, mental skills coach, conditioning coach and a forwards coach for the United Team.

Rob Worgan, chairman at Cinderford RFC commented: “We are delighted to have secured Nic on this contract, however it’s not just about one person, its about creating a club that is clear about its direction as we move forward; where we are going, what we are doing and how we are going to do it. I am a Cinderford man through and through and the challenge I have set Nic and his staff is to ensure that Dockham Road is on its feet week in, week out with our brand of rugby. I firmly believe that the 3rd XV and 4th XV teams must continue to grow and we must give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful game that is Rugby Union. It is crucial that we are open and talk about the chances for people to help volunteer and to be part of this club and our journey that we are about to embark upon. I am looking forward to what the next 5 years will bring to us as a club and I whole-heartedly believe that we will flourish as a result of the experience and approach Nic Corrigan brings with him.”

Nic Corrigan, director of professional rugby & coaching Cinderford RFC: “I feel extremely honoured to be given this opportunity and am excited about the prospects, potential and achievements this club can expect to accomplish moving forward. The faith and support in me from the Management Board since my arrival in November has been extremely humbling and I would like to take this opportunity to formally thank them, the players, the staff and club as a whole who have been so welcoming. The league competition is constantly changing and we must build a club that represents the local area but also one that is able to face the challenges of modern day rugby.”

“I see the United Team playing a vital role in doing this for a competitive environment and a squad that is constantly challenging itself to be better each day; this I see as the fundamental ingredient to any future success. Recruitment will be absolutely key for us both now and over the coming seasons and I am specifically looking for players with character to represent this club. I would also like to thank those who have helped shape my career thus far and as such allowed me to be able to embrace this opportunity with open arms and the skills to deliver since becoming a coach in 2005; Billy May (Royal Navy Rugby Union), Ian Bell (Ashridge Business School), Ian Gibbs and my father Kevin.”

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