Rugby on Dockham Road – Cinderford Stags v Lydney United KO 2.30pm

Bucks game is off as Chosen Hill FP could not raise a team.

Lastly see the write up below from Old Cents re their cancelled game with the Stags –

Old Cents’ coach Jack Preece is without 24 players for the visit of Newbury Blues on Saturday


Every rugby team struggles for injuries or unavailability – but Old Cents are without a staggering 24 players for the South West One East visit of third placed Newbury Blues on Saturday.
Instead of raiding their reserve ranks though, their Seconds team match with Cinderford Thirds has now been postponed, which coach Jack Preece says he is extremely grateful to them for.
He said: “Thankfully Cinderford said they didn’t mind rearranging the match for another date, because otherwise we would have been down to just 14 players.
“Fair play to Cinderford, because they could easily have just taken the points for the game, but they said no, they wanted a good bunch of games, so we are very grateful to them for that and if ever the situation is reversed then we will of course do the same for them.”
A number of players have booked tickets to go watch and England play Fiji at Twickenham, and a number of injuries and holidays are also causing disruption.
But instead of getting downbeat about it, Preece is trying to focus on the positive fact that a number of people will be back for next week’s trip to eighth team Witney, who are just four points behind Cents in the standings.
He added: “Lots of people have booked tickets to go and watch England.
“People are away on holiday plus there are lots of injuries, but hopefully that means we will get an influx of players back next week, but we still have got quite a few missing.
“Nigel Gibbons is away on holiday, who has played really well for us this season.
“Dan Knapman is away too, and he is obviously a good player, so there are lots of people missing.
“Josh Phillips’ Mrs is due to give birth so he obviously didn’t want to play.
“Reuben Goatley is away in Bath for the weekend, and he is obviously a really good back for us.
“Lewis May and Rob Jones are both injured and should be back in the next couple of weeks.
“Ryan Townsend is in Australia, and Alex Cox – the scrum-half – is in Newcastle.
“The list goes on, but we still believe we have a good enough side to win, the people who are available have trained this week.
“We have still got a strong side out so hopefully we should get a good result.
“We hopefully have a few new people coming in for this weekend, so hopefully they can step up to the mark.”